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Luke Olson

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Shannon Froberg
Ken Henke
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The Minnesota Junior High School Mathematics League was founded in 1986 by Marlys Henke. It was originally formed with eight junior high schools from the City of St. Paul, and was modeled after the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League (MSHSML). The two organizations share the same triangle symbol

The purpose of the JHML is to encourage students to participate in math contests, serve as a "farm club" for the MSHSML, enable students to meet mathletes from other schools, and to provide recognition for students excelling in mathematics. It also serves as preparation for the annual MathCounts competition. The meet topics are based on the MathCounts topics.

Member schools belong to a division of two to fifteen schools that often are aligned with their athletic conference competitors. Each school has a team ( or teams ) with a maximum of six students with no more than four eighth graders. Individual participation is also encouraged for those not on the official team. The teams in each division come together for five meets each season. During the 2009-2010 season the League had almost 2000 students from 120 schools around the state of Minnesota participating in 24 divisions.

Ms. Henke started her teaching career in 1968, teaching math and chemistry in Zambia, Africa. In 1970 she joined the St. Paul Public Schools where she taught chemistry at the old Mechanic Arts High School. In the late 1970's Ms. Henke taught math and science at Highland Park Junior High School. In 1980 she became a member of the math department at St. Paul Central High School. She became the coach of the Central Math Team in 1984 and brought them to the State Tournament every year from 1990 to 2004, winning the State Championship in 1997  and 2001. In June of 2004 she retired from active teaching, but remains active in the Senior High Math League.

At the 2005 Summer Conference of the Minnesota Senior High School Math League, MS. Henke was inducted in the first class of  the League's Hall of Fame.

Ms. Henke has also coached Minnesota's American Regions Math League teams and has been State Director of the American Junior High School Math Exam given every November.

Marlys Henke passed away February 6th, 2014, after a year long battle with cancer. We hope to carry on her legacy into the future.

News Flash

Sample questions have been provided for Meets 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Some questions for Meets 3 and 4 have been corrected or revised.

We are working to forrm a stronger bond between the MNJHML and the Minnesota MathCounts organization. A new information page can be found under the Links button.

State wide Teams and Topscorers results have been added. Coaches should be able to pull up division results. I do not yet know how we will get the data for the Statistics page.

As a reminder the new score entry page can be found at www.mnjhmlscoring.com. Coaches should all have a sign on and password for entering data and retriving Division Reports.

All divisions have now completed Meet 5. Final results for the Teams and Top Scorers lists have been posted. Under the new data entry scheme, it took a lot more work to created those pages, so I waited until the end since coaches could get the data from the score entry web page noted above.

Scroll down for the top schools and individuals that used to be posted on the Statistics page.

A new Board of Directors has been formed for the Minnesota Junior High Math League. We will be adding a few more members.

One major change is that we will be doing as much as possible via electronic communication. There is no longer a hard copy Letter of Intent. You can fill out a form online at Letter of Intent. All Coaches of record from last year should have gotten an email with the link in it.

More news will follow as it becomes available.

We will be holding a Board of Directors meeting later this spring to discuss changes to the League for next year. If you have any suggestions for us, please contact a board member or use the email link to the right.

Thanks to everyone for bearing with us as we transition to a new structure.

Congratulations to the following teams:

7th and 8th Grade Division





Tonka Prairie

Eden Prairie Black



Chippewa 1 Count With Elmo



Wayzata East Blue


These individual Mathletes deserve mention:

  7th and 8th Grade Division



Division Total


8th Grade

Chen, Geoffrey
Wayzata East Middle School Waytonka 138
  Ram, Ayush
Wayzata East Middle School Waytonka 134
  Han, Frank
Eden Prairie Central Middle School Tonka Prairie 134

Chen, Stephen
Wayzata West Middle School Waytonka 132

Qu, Matthew
Wayzata Central Middle School Waytonka 132
7th Grade Rivera, Cali
Capitol Hill
St. Paul

Tan, Xinze
Wayzata West Middle School Waytonka 126

Berran, Jake
Dakota Hills Middle School Dakota

Bimberg, Aidan
Robbinsdale Middle School
Wayonka B

Deneen, John
South St. Paul Middle School SE Metro

Meng, Christopher
Centennial Middle School
6th Grade  Anderson, Thor
St. Louis Park Middle School
Wayonka B

Nghiem, Arthur
Chippewa Middle School

Ye, Alexis
Valley View Middle School
SW Metro 1

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