Meet Topics


MNJHML Meet Topics 2019-20

Meet 1
1.1Order of Operations, including Invented Operators
1.2Rational Number Concepts
Decimals, Fractions, “ratio of relatively prime integers”
1.3Positive Exponents and Integer Roots
1.4Speed and Other Rates
Distance = Rate × Time
1.5Finding Angle Measures
1.6Multiplication Principle and Counting with Permutations
Meet 2
2.1Divisibility Rules and Prime Factorization
2.2The Real Number Line
2.3Writing and Solving One-Variable Equations
including Word Problems
2.4Ratios and Proportions
2.5Area and Perimeter
2.6The Coordinate Plane and Coordinate Geometry
2.7Counting with Venn Diagrams
Meet 3
3.1Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and Least Common Multiple (LCM)
3.2Percents, Percent Increase and Decrease
3.3Negative and Zero Exponents
3.4Square Roots
Simplifying Radical Expressions
3.5Solving More Complex One Variable Equations
3.6Surface Area and Volume
3.7Counting with Combinations
Meet 4
4.1Remainders and the Units Digit
4.2Solving Inequalities
4.3Linear Functions
4.4Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
4.5The Pythagorean Theorem
4.6Measures of Central Tendency
Meet 5
5.1Base n Arithmetic
5.2Solving Systems of Linear Equations
5.3Operations with Polynomials
includes Expanding and Factoring
5.4Similar Figures
5.6Data Displays
To help prepare for MNJHML Meets, reference the list provided. All topics listed are fair game for subsequent meets.

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