Meet Topics

2016-2017 MNJHML Meet Topics

Meet 1
1.1Common Factors and Multiples
Prime vs. composite, divisibility rules, LCM and GCF
1.2Evaluating Expressions
Order of operations; Factorials
1.3Manipulating Fractions and Decimals
1.4Understanding Ratios
Ratio language and representations
1.5Translating Verbal Statements
Using variables
1.6Area and Perimeter of 2-D Shapes
1.7The Coordinate Plane
1.8Measures of Central Tendency
1.9Logic Problems
Formula applications (such as the distance formula)
Meet 2
2.1The Number Line
Absolute value, distances and midpoints, number systems
2.2Understanding Exponents
Scientific Notation
Writing and solving, percent applications
2.4Proportional Scale Drawings (2-D)
2.5Writing and Solving One-Variable Equations
2.6Similar Figures
2.7Data Displays
Box plots, line plots, and graphs
Meet 3
3.1Using Exponents
Negative exponents, exponent rules
3.2Writing Equivalent Expressions
Distribution, combining like terms
3.3Dimensional Analysis (Unit Conversion)
3.4Solving More Complex One-Variable Equations
3.5Solving Inequalities
Graphing solutions on a number line
3.6Angle Relationships
Meet 4
4.1Sequences and Series
Evaluate expressions in sigma notation; summation
4.2Simplifying Radical Expressions
4.3Proportional Scale Models (3-D)
4.4Modeling with Linear Equations and Graphs
Slopes and intercepts, y = mx + b
4.5Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
4.6Analyzing Scatter Plots
Line of best fit; positive, negative and zero correlation
Meet 5
5.1Solving Systems of Linear Equations
5.2Operations with Polynomials
Expanding products of binomials and factoring quadratics
5.3The Pythagorean Theorem
Distance formula; Special right triangles; Pythagorean triples
5.4Surface Area and Volume of 3-D Figures
5.5Simple Probability and the Counting Principle
5.6Transformations in the Coordinate Plane
To help prepare for MNJHML Meets, reference the list provided. All topics listed are fair game for subsequent meets.

Printable Version of 2015-16 Meet Topics.

Topics from meets prior to 2014-15 and how topics were adjusted for years after 2014 can be found here.