Two Organizations Are Better Than One.

The partnership between MNJHML & MATHCOUNTS is helping math students across Minnesota.


Founded in 1984 as a nationwide middle school mathematics competition held throughout the United States. Its founding sponsors include the CNA Foundation, the National Society of Professional Engineers, and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The competition is designed for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders only. In addition to the National MATHCOUNTS resources, please take a moment to check out the Minnesota MATHCOUNTS site.

Minnesota Junior High School Mathematics League (MNJHML)

Founded in 1986 by Marlys Henke. The MNJHML was originally formed with eight junior high schools from the City of St. Paul, and was modeled after the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League (MSHSML). The purpose of the JHML is to encourage students to participate in math contests, enable students to meet mathletes from other schools, and to provide recognition for students excelling in mathematics. It also serves as preparation for the annual MATHCOUNTS competition. The meet topics are based on the MATHCOUNTS topics.

As you can see, using both sites for resources will benefit the mathletes you are coaching.
Feel free to contact:
MATHCOUNTS:  Katie Jamison
MNJHML:  Judy-Ann Ehrlich or Luke Olson