Coach’s Corner

Letter to Coaches – October 2015 – Request for Feedback


Over the almost 3 decades of Minnesota Junior High Math League there have been many changes. For one, the league has grown!  With new coaches stepping up to the plate and others leaving we want clear lines of communication.  That’s where you come in.  We want to hear from you, what are your successes and what are your challenges as coaches.  For example:  funding, transportation, preparation, other volunteers, ???
Please take a moment to click this link and give us your input.  The vitality of the league is set by you, the coaches.  We have been working on staying current with technology and updating from where we were 30 years ago.
Down the not so long road, we are hoping to have a coaches’ meeting, likely a video chat time, or other virtual get together, for all coaches to talk.  In advance of that, let’s get our ideas down on paper so we can organize our thoughts, frustrations and of course, celebrations!

Judy-Ann Ehrlich
                                 Luke Olson
Lead Director                                       Treasurer

2016-17 MNJHML Coach’s Manual


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